Comfort wear for your pets

About Us

Dermapetwear was founded by Sylvia Beeby owner of three beautiful felines.  Two Burmese called Suky and Charlotte and one Tonkinese called Kandi.  She has been a cat owner for well over 20 years and until Suky developed a skin condition four years ago at three years of age, her pets had always enjoyed relatively good health.

Suky was diagnosed with Atopic dermatitis that is a life long skin condition.  Her outbreaks became more and more frequent and she spent most of her life in an Elizabethan collar to prevent her from escalating the condition by licking and biting it.  Sylvia trawled the internet to look for some form of protective jacket but there was none.  At this point she decided to develop a jacket herself and with the help of the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre this has now come to fruition.

Whilst the jacket cannot cure skin conditions it does produce a much quicker recovery time working in conjunction with the medication from the vet.  It prevents the cat from licking and biting the outbreak and causing more infections.  It is also a much kinder way of protecting your cat from itself than the Elizabethan Collar.  The cat is able to move about freely and also use the litter tray without removal of the jacket being necessary.

The jacket is suitable for all skin conditions and the RSPCA pointed out that it would be useful for post operative wounds, containing spores from ringworm and protecting nursing mothers from their over zealous kittens.  The RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre will be utilising the jackets for the animals in their care.

The jacket is made from soft anti-bacterial stretch fabric and can be either hand washed or machine washed at 40 degrees. Allow to dry naturally.

Cat Jacket